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A virtual instrument for the measurement of IEEE Std 1459-2000 power quantities
In this paper the authors present a PC-based instrument for the measurement of the electric power quantities defined in IEEE Std 1459, both for single phase and three phase systems. The instrument isExpand
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A New Measurement Method for the Detection of Harmonic Sources in Power Systems Based on the Approach of the IEEE Std. 1459–2000
In this paper, a novel single-point strategy is proposed for the detection of the harmonic sources in power systems. The method is an improvement of a strategy previously proposed by the authors; itExpand
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Arc Fault Detection Method Based on CZT Low-Frequency Harmonic Current Analysis
This paper presents a method for the detection of series arc faults in electrical circuits, which has been developed starting from an experimental characterization of the arc fault phenomenon and anExpand
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Synchronization Techniques for Power Quality Instruments
The measurement of voltage characteristics in power systems requires the accurate estimation of the power supply frequency and signal synchronization, even in the presence of disturbances. TheExpand
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Generalized PWM–VSI Control Algorithm Based on a Universal Duty-Cycle Expression: Theoretical Analysis, Simulation Results, and Experimental Validations
This paper presents a new approach in realizing various carrier-based pulsewidth-modulation techniques by a generalized control algorithm, which is referred to as the universal control algorithm andExpand
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A Novel Approach Based on Nonactive Power for the Identification of Disturbing Loads in Power Systems
In this paper, a new approach is proposed for the detection of harmonic sources in polluted power systems. It is a single- point strategy, based on a comparison among different "nonactive" powerExpand
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An induction motor speed measurement method based on current harmonic analysis with the chirp-Z transform
This paper presents a new method to measure motor speed by means of frequency estimation of rotor slot spectral components in the supply current of squirrel single-cage induction motors. The noveltyExpand
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A New Solution for Low-Voltage Distributed Generation Interface Protection System
In this paper, a new solution is proposed for the remote monitoring and control of distributed generators (DGs) and energy storage systems (ESSs) connected to low-voltage distribution networks. TheExpand
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A time domain approach for IEEE Std 1459-2000 powers measurement in distorted and unbalanced power systems
In this paper, the authors present a new instrument for the measurement of the electric power quantities defined in IEEE Std 1459. The instrument is based on a time domain technique for the detectionExpand
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