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On the probabilistic postulate of quantum mechanics
We study whether the probabilistic postulate could be derived from basic principles. Through the analysis of the Strong Law of Large Numbers and its formulation in quantum mechanics, we show,Expand
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The quantum mechanical picture of the world
We present a picture of the world suggested by quantum mechanics in a manner accessible to nonspecialists. We construct a model of subatomic reality and use the model to present a geometrical proofExpand
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Los caminos cuánticos, Feynman. Una ecuación y un gato, Schrödinger
Los caminos cuanticos, Feynman. Jesus Navarro. Ed. Nivola, 2a edicion, 2011, 224 pp. Una ecuacion y un gato, Schrodinger. Jesus Navarro. Ed. Nivola, 2009, 240 pp.