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Chemical characterisation of fine particle emissions from wood stove combustion of common woods growing in mid-European Alpine regions
Abstract Woodsmoke samples derived from the combustion of beech, oak, spruce, larch and softwood briquettes in a closed stove have been collected and analysed so as to derive chemical profiles forExpand
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Levoglucosan levels at background sites in Europe for assessing the impact of biomass combustion on the European aerosol background
[1] Atmospheric levoglucosan has been determined as a proxy for "biomass smoke" in samples from six background stations on a west-east transect extending from the Atlantic (Azores) to theExpand
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Wood burning impact on PM10 in three Austrian regions
Abstract Anhydrosugars (levoglucosan, mannosan and galactosan) were investigated during one year in three Austrian regions at three types of sites (city-heavy traffic-impacted, city-residential andExpand
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Source apportionment of PM2.5 organic aerosol over Europe: Primary/secondary, natural/anthropogenic, and fossil/biogenic origin
On the basis of a 2-year comprehensive data set obtained within the CARBOSOL project, seasonal source apportionment of PM2.5 aerosol is attempted for five rural/remote sites in Europe. The approachExpand
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Source attribution of submicron organic aerosols during wintertime inversions by advanced factor analysis of aerosol mass spectra.
Real-time measurements of submicrometer aerosol were performed using an Aerodyne aerosol mass spectrometer (AMS) during three weeks at an urban background site in Zurich (Switzerland) in JanuaryExpand
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Climatology of aerosol composition (organic versus inorganic) at nonurban sites on a west-east transect across Europe
in central Europe. Aerosols were analyzed for 210 Pb, inorganic ions, elemental (EC) and organic (OC) carbon, water soluble organic carbon (WSOC), macromolecular type (humic-like) organic substancesExpand
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Chemical composition of atmospheric aerosols during the 2003 summer intense forest fire period
In Portugal, during summer 2003, unusually large forested areas (>300,000 ha) were destroyed by fire, emitting pollutants to the atmosphere. During this period, aerosol samples were collected in theExpand
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Characterisation of PM10 emissions from woodstove combustion of common woods grown in Portugal
Abstract A series of source tests was performed to evaluate the chemical composition of particle emissions from the woodstove combustion of four prevalent Portuguese species of woods: Pinus pinasterExpand
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Smoke emissions from biomass burning in a Mediterranean shrubland
Abstract Gaseous and particulate samples from the smoke from prescribed burnings of a shrub-dominated forest with some pine trees in Lousa Mountain, Portugal, in May 2008, have been collected. FromExpand
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Size-segregated chemical composition of aerosol emissions in an urban road tunnel in Portugal
Abstract An atmospheric aerosol study was performed in 2008 inside an urban road tunnel, in Lisbon, Portugal. Using a high volume impactor, the aerosol was collected into four size fractions (PM 0.5Expand
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