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The grapevine genome sequence suggests ancestral hexaploidization in major angiosperm phyla
The analysis of the first plant genomes provided unexpected evidence for genome duplication events in species that had previously been considered as true diploids on the basis of their genetics.Expand
A consensus list of microsatellite markers for olive genotyping
Cultivar identification is a primary concern for olive growers, breeders, and scientists. This study was aimed at examining the SSR markers retrieved from the literature and currently used in oliveExpand
Ariadne: a framework for reachability analysis of hybrid automata
In this paper we introduce the problem of reachability analysis of hybrid automata to decide safety properties. Expand
Reachability computation for hybrid systems with Ariadne
A riadne is an open environment to design algorithms for computing with hybrid automata, that relies on a rigorous computable analysis theory. Expand
GAM: Genomic Assemblies Merger: A Graph Based Method to Integrate Different Assemblies
This paper suggests a set of methodologies to integrate the output of different assemblers and improve the overall quality of the genome assembly sequences. Expand
Semi-Algebraic Constant Reset Hybrid Automata - SACoRe
Semi-Algebraic Constant Reset hybrid automata are an extension of Ominimal semi-algebraic automata over the reals in the case of flows obtained from non-autonomous systems. Expand
Inclusion dynamics hybrid automata
Hybrid systems are dynamical systems with the ability to describe mixed discrete-continuous evolution of a wide range of systems. Expand
Translating Time-Course Gene Expression Profiles into Semi-algebraic Hybrid Automata Via Dimensionality Reduction
This paper proposes an automatic procedure to build semi-algebraic hybrid automata from gene-expression profiles. Expand
Discrete Semantics for Hybrid Automata
This paper addresses issues regarding the decidability of the reachability problem for hybrid automata (i.e., “can the system reach a state a from a state b?”) by proposing an “accurate” semantics. Expand
Hybrid Automata and ε-Analysis on a Neural Oscillator
In this paper we propose a hybrid model of a neural oscillator, obtained by partially discretizing a well-known continuous model. Expand