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Properties and performance of the prototype instrument for the Pierre Auger Observatory
Abstract Construction of the first stage of the Pierre Auger Observatory has begun. The aim of the Observatory is to collect unprecedented information about cosmic rays above 10 18 eV . The first
Biostratigraphy of Lower Cretaceous microfossils from the Araripe basin, northeastern Brazil
Abstract A biostratigraphic study was carried out in the Lower Cretaceous Araripe basin, northeastern Brazil, allowing the recognition of several chronostratigraphic units: the Dom Joao
Middle to late Miocene chronostratigraphy and development of the northern Gulf of California
Abstract Geologic models locate Baja California next to mainland Mexico during the Oligocene and propose opening of the Gulf of California during Miocene times. Outcrop information in the northern
Neogene sedimentary evolution of Baja California in relation to regional tectonics
Abstract During the Neogene, the tectonic and sedimentary evolution of the Baja California Peninsula followed four stages: (1) during the early Miocene (22 Ma), the initiation of transform motion
The ecological and zoogeographical significance of the sub-Recent Ostracoda off Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil
Abstract An environmental analysis based on the ostracod fauna was carried out on 43 sediment samples collected during the Geocosta Rio II Expedition to the northern continental margin of State of
Late Cenozoic sea level changes evidenced by ostracodes in the Pelotas basin, southernmost Brazil
Abstract Ostracodes recovered from sediments in seven onshore boreholes within the Pelotas basin, State of Rio Grande do Sul, indicate several continuous nearshore environments and at least four
A paleoenvironmental reconstruction of Laguna Babícora, Chihuahua, Mexico based on ostracode paleoecology and trace element shell chemistry
Paleoecology of Laguna Babícora, Chihuahua, Mexico was reconstructed using ostracode faunal assemblages and shell chemistry. The paleolimnological record is used to show the magnitude of
Late Neogene stratigraphy and tectonic control on facies evolution in the Laguna Salada Basin, northern Baja California, Mexico
Abstract The Laguna Salada Basin (LSB) in northeastern Baja California records late-Neogene marine incursions in the Salton Trough and progradation of the Colorado River delta. Early subsidence and