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The effects of carotenoid and food availability on resistance to a naturally occurring parasite (Gyrodactylus turnbulli) in guppies (Poecilia reticulata)
Dietary carotenoids have been shown to confer immunological benefits to some species of animals in which males also use these pigments to attract mates. Thus, the potential exists for an allocationExpand
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The first identified winter feeding ground of fin whales ( Balaenoptera physalus ) in the Mediterranean Sea
The presence of ¢n whales in the Mediterranean Sea has been documented since ancient times. In spite of this, reliable information on their ecology and distribution is limited to the north-westernExpand
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Diving behavior of the giant devil ray in the Mediterranean Sea
The giant devil ray Mobula mobular is the only mobulid species regularly present in the Mediterranean Sea. The spatial ecology and biology of this species are poorly known, and given its high bycatchExpand
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Osmotic dehydrofreezing of strawberries: polyphenolic content, volatile profile and consumer acceptance.
We evaluated dehydrofreezing in strawberries in terms of retention of healthy compounds (i.e. polyphenolics) and sensory qualities for direct consumption in substitution of fresh fruit. DifferentExpand
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Effect of vacuum impregnation on the phenolic content of Granny Smith and Stark Delicious frozen apple cvv
ABTS•+ test, o-diphenols (spectrophotometric) and HPLC-DAD phenolic content in vacuum impregnated apple slices from Stark Delicious and Granny Smith cvv. were studied. Vacuum impregnation (VI) wasExpand
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CZE separation of strawberry anthocyanins with acidic buffer and comparison with HPLC.
Anthocyanins, the major colourants of strawberries, are polar pigments that are positively charged at low pH. Herein, we have assessed a new analytical method for the separation of anthocyanins usingExpand
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The population of Errina aspera (Hydrozoa: Stylasteridae) of the Messina Strait (Mediterranean Sea)
Errina aspera is the only species belonging to the family Stylasteridae known from the Mediterranean Sea. The distribution of this species includes the Messina Strait, the Gibraltar Strait and theExpand
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Effect of frozen storage on the phenolic content of vacuum impregnated Granny Smith and Stark Delicious apple cvv.
The phenolic fraction modification was evaluated in untreated vacuum impregnated frozen apple slices from two varieties (Granny Smith and Stark Delicious) a few days after freezing and after 12Expand
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Overview of the FTU results
Since the 2012 IAEA-FEC Conference, FTU operations have been largely devoted to runaway electrons generation and control, to the exploitation of the 140 GHz electron cyclotron (EC) system and toExpand
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Conceptual definition of an ICRF system for the Italian DTT
This paper reports the status of the ICRF conceptual design, providing the rationale behind main design choices to couple 3 MW to the first DTT plasmafuss (day-1) and up to 10  MW after machine upgrade to full power. Expand
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