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Toward a cartography of subject positions
Subjects and clause structure
Against optional and null clitics. Right dislocation vs. marginalization
This paper contains a discussion of (Italian) Right Dislocation, which seems to instantiate an optional anticipatory clitic pronoun. It will be shown that the distribution of the anticipatory pronounExpand
Agreement and control in expletive constructions
La variation morphologique dans les constructions expletives avec des verbes ergatifs concerne l'accord de verbe et la forme de l'expletif. L'A. defend ici la these selon laquelle il existe un simpleExpand
Clitic Positions and Restructuring in Italian
It is argued that there are two clitic positions in Italian restructured clauses: one associated with the (restructured) lexical verb and the other a clausal clitic position located in the functional domain. Expand