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Lattice simulations of inflation
This paper uses a lattice simulation to reproduce the well-known results of some simple models of single-field inflation, particularly for the scalar field perturbation.
Combining cosmological and local bounds on bimetric theory
Ghost-free bimetric theory describes two nonlinearly interacting spin-2 fields, one massive and one massless, thus extending general relativity. We confront bimetric theory with observations of
Lattice Simulations of Abelian Gauge Fields coupled to Axion during Inflation
This work uses a non-linear lattice simulation to study a model of axion inflation where the inflaton is coupled to a U(1) gauge field through Chern-Simons interaction and identifies a discretization scheme for which the growth of the gauge field on the lattice reproduces the one of continuous space with good precision.
Lattice Simulations of Axion-U(1) Inflation
If gauge fields are coupled to an axion field during inflation, they lead to unique observational signatures within the reach of next generation experiments. However, this system often shows strong