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A new method for determining the FET small-signal equivalent circuit
A method to determine the small-signal equivalent circuit of FETs is proposed. This method consists of a direct determination of both the extrinsic and intrinsic small-signal parameters in aExpand
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Comparison Between the Dynamic Performance of Double- and Single-Gate AlInAs/InGaAs HEMTs
The static and dynamic behavior of InAlAs/InGaAs double-gate high-electron mobility transistors (DG-HEMTs) is studied by means of an ensemble 2-D Monte Carlo simulator. The model allows us toExpand
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Noise modeling and measurement techniques (HEMTs)
The high electron mobility transistor's (HEMT's) noise behavior is presented from theoretical and experimental points of view. The general method used in the high-frequency noise analysis isExpand
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A new method for on wafer noise measurement
A method for measuring the noise parameters of MESFETs and HEMTs is presented. It is based on the fact that three independent noise parameters are sufficient to fully describe the device noiseExpand
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Monte Carlo simulator for the design optimization of low-noise HEMTs
A complete analysis of low-noise 0.1 /spl mu/m gate AlInAs-GaInAs HEMT's has been performed by using a semiclassical Monte Carlo simulation. The validity of the model has been checked through theExpand
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A 4-fJ/Spike Artificial Neuron in 65 nm CMOS Technology
This paper presents the design of an original artificial neuron, in standard 65 nm CMOS technology with optimized energy efficiency. Expand
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Resonant and voltage-tunable terahertz detection in InGaAs /InP nanometer transistors
The authors report on detection of terahertz radiation by high electron mobility nanometer InGaAs∕AlInAs transistors. The photovoltaic type of response was observed at the 1.8–3.1THz frequency range,Expand
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Improved Monte Carlo algorithm for the simulation of /spl delta/-doped AlInAs/GaInAs HEMTs
A classical Monte Carlo (MC) device simulation has been modified to locally introduce the effects of electron degeneracy and nonequilibrium screening. Its validity in the case of AlInAs/GaInAs HEMTsExpand
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Ballistic nanodevices for terahertz data processing: Monte Carlo simulations
By using a semi-classical two-dimensional Monte Carlo simulation, simple devices (T-branch junctions (TBJs) and rectifying diodes) based on AlInAs/InGaAs ballistic channels are analysed. Initially,Expand
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Wide- and narrow-band bandpass coplanar filters in the W-frequency band
This paper deals with the design of passive coplanar devices in the W-frequency band. As long as coplanar transmission lines are correctly dimensioned, analytical models based on quasi-TEMExpand
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