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Molecular Diversity of Phytoplasmas Associated with Grapevine Yellows Disease in North-Eastern Italy.
A 3-year survey was conducted in Northern Italy to verify the presence and diversity of phytoplasmas in selected vineyards showing symptoms of severe yellows. Symptomatic and asymptomatic grapevinesExpand
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Use of a fragment of the tuf gene for phytoplasma 16Sr group/subgroup differentiation
The usefulness of RFLP analyses on a 435 bp fragment of the tuf gene for preliminary identification of phytoplasmas from a number of phytoplasma ribosomal groups and/or 'Candidatus Phytoplasma' wasExpand
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Plasma activated water to enhance plant defenses
Plasma activated water is produced treating sterile distilled water by means of an atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier discharge. Tomato plants, belonging to different cultivars andExpand
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