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Poled-fiber source of broadband polarization-entangled photon pairs.
We demonstrate broadband polarization-entangled photon pair generation in a poled fiber phase matched for Type II downconversion in the 1.5 μm telecom band. Even with signal-idler separation greaterExpand
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High-average-power second-harmonic generation from periodically poled silica fibers.
The generation of 236 mW of second-harmonic power in a 32-cm-long periodically poled silica fiber, corresponding to an average conversion efficiency of 15.2+/-0.5%, is reported. This represents theExpand
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Direct generation of polarization-entangled photon pairs in a poled fiber.
We experimentally demonstrate the direct generation of polarization-entangled photon pairs in an optical fiber at room temperature by exploiting type-II phase-matched spontaneous parametricExpand
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Measurement of chi((2)) symmetry in a poled fiber.
We measure the values of individual chi((2)) tensor components in a birefringent periodically poled silica fiber through spectrally separated type I and type II second-harmonic generation. WeExpand
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Development of frequency converters with extended functionalities in periodically poled silica fibres
The centrosymmetry of amorphous silica can be broken through the technique of thermal poling, whereby the application of an electric field at elevated temperatures introduces an effectiveExpand
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Broadly tunable second-harmonic generation in periodically poled silica fibers.
Broadband tunability of the second-harmonic wavelength is achieved in periodically poled silica fibers. A wavelength tuning range of almost 45 nm of the fundamental wave is demonstrated throughExpand
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Photon pair source based on parametric fluorescence in periodically poled twin-hole silica fiber.
We present observations of quasi-phase matched parametric fluorescence in a periodically poled twin-hole silica fiber. The phase matching condition in the fiber enables the generation of a degenerateExpand
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Mapping the thermal distribution within a silica preform tube using regenerated fibre Bragg gratings
Abstract The temperature profile of the reaction zone inside the silica substrate tube during thermal heating with a H 2 /O 2 flame under conditions identical to those used in the fabrication ofExpand
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Aperiodically poled silica fibers for bandwidth control of quasi-phase-matched second-harmonic generation.
Precise control of the bandwidth of quasi-phase-matched second-harmonic generation in silica fibers is realized through chirped-period poling. The bandwidth is expanded by a factor of 33 over aExpand
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All-fibre frequency conversion in long periodically poled silica fibres
Efficient all-fibre frequency doubling of 1.5 /spl mu/m pulsed fibre laser has been demonstrated. 3.6 mW of second-harmonic light in fundamental mode was produced by quasiphase-matching in a 11.5 cmExpand
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