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Evolutionary biology of parasitic platyhelminths: The role of molecular phylogenetics.
The ways in which molecular data are helping us recognize the various lineages of flatworms are discussed, including ultrastructural evidence and molecular data from nucleic acid sequences. Expand
Phylogenetic relationships of platyhelminthes based on 18S ribosomal gene sequences.
The hypothesis that parasitism evolved at least twice in Platyhelminthes, once in the ancestor to Neodermata and again in the descendant of Fecampiida, independently to the ancestor of putatively parasitic "Dalyellioida" is supported. Expand
Cloning and sequencing of two actin genes from Taenia solium (Cestoda).
Genomic and cDNA actin clones were isolated from Taenia solium gene libraries and showed that T. solium expresses an actin transcript of about 1,400 bases and a protein of 45,000 Da. Expand