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Spectropolarimetric observations of active stars
This paper reports the results of five years (five runs, 23 nights) of spectropolarimetric observations of active stars with the UCL Echelle Spectrograph of the Anglo-Australian Telescope. 225Expand
The WASP project and the superWASP cameras
ABSTRACT The SuperWASP cameras are wide‐field imaging systems at the Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands, and at the Sutherland Station of theExpand
Stellar magnetism: empirical trends with age and rotation
We investigate how the observed large-scale surface magnetic fields of low-mass stars (∼0.1– 2M� ), reconstructed through Zeeman–Doppler imaging, vary with age t, rotation and Xray emission. OurExpand
An orbital period of 0.94 days for the hot-Jupiter planet WASP-18b
Either WASP-18 is in a rare, exceptionally short-lived state, or the tidal dissipation in this system (and possibly other hot-Jupiter systems) must be much weaker than in the Solar System. Expand
The dependence of differential rotation on temperature and rotation
We use Doppler imaging techniques to determine the dependence of starspot rotation rates on latitude in an homogeneous sample of young, rapidly-rotating solar analogues. A solar-like differentialExpand
Line-profile tomography of exoplanet transits I: The Doppler shadow of HD 189733b
We present a direct method for isolating the component of the starlight blocked by a planet as it transits its host star, and apply it to spectra of the bright transiting planet HD 189733b. We modelExpand
The Rossiter-McLaughlin effect of CoRoT-3b and HD 189733b
We present radial-velocity sequences acquired during three transits of the exoplanet HD 189733b and one transit of CoRoT-3b. We applied a combined Markov-chain Monte-Carlo analysis of spectroscopicExpand
Magnetospheric accretion on the T Tauri star BP Tauri
From observations collected with the ESPaDOnS and NARVAL spectropolarimeters, we report the detection of Zeeman signatures on the classical T Tauri star (cTTS) BP Tau. Circular polarizationExpand
Magnetic cycles of the planet-hosting star τ Bootis
We have obtained new spectropolarimetric observations of the planet-hosting star τ Bootis, using the ESPaDOnS and NARVAL spectropolarimeters at the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT) and TelescopeExpand
Line-profile tomography of exoplanet transits - II. A gas-giant planet transiting a rapidly rotating A5 star
Photometry and time-series spectroscopy through three separate transits are used to confirm the existence of a gas-giant planet with an orbital period of 1.22 d in orbit around HD 15082, and opens the way to studying the formation of planets around a whole new class of young, early-type stars, hence under different physical conditions and generally in an earlier stage of formation than in sharp-lined late- type stars. Expand