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Endoscopic treatment of pituitary abscess: two case reports and literature review
Early management by endoscopic transphenoidal surgery for pituitary abscess is recommended: this technique is safe, with minimal blood loss, short operating time, low morbidity, and brief hospital stay. Expand
Central Nervous System Metastases From Epithelial Ovarian Cancer: Prognostic Factors and Outcomes
Brain involvement from ovarian cancer is uncommon but is increasing in incidence, and a multimodal approach can result in a long-term remission of the metastases and in an improvement of the overall survival. Expand
“Less is better”—always true?
The case of a female patient aged 57 who complained about lower back pain and crural neuralgia and had a lumbar and sacral magnetic resonance imaging performed shows suspicious repetitive bone lesions is reported, a good example of overtreatment which may lead to delicate questions. Expand
Ernie discali operate, cervicali e lombo-sacrali
L'odierna semeiotica neuroradiologica, in particolare RM, può essere estremamente indicativa nei caso del rachide operato, in quanto consente una corretta valutazione della tecnica operatoriaExpand