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Fishermen Community in the Coastal Area: A Note from Indonesian Poor Family
Abstract Strengthening civil society values is required in a poor fishermen community so that the community becomes the central point of development process in the seashore and marine areas to upliftExpand
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Entrepreneurship and Education: Creating Business Awareness for Students in East Java Indonesia
Abstract For long time in educational system of Indonesia, it tends to create education is only to transfer of knowledge. Students only have dynamics in teaching and learning. In addition, theyExpand
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Basic Public Service Partnership Model Based on Gender Perspective in Makassar City, Indonesia
The partnership model of actors in public services based on gender perspectives is important to be studied and shared by the public in Indonesia, as the population by sex, workplace, and the natureExpand
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Snapshot of the Socio Economic Life of Fishermen Community Based On Social Entrepreneurship in Bone Regency, Indonesia
This article explains the application of the concept of social entrepreneurship in improving the socio-economic life of fishing communities in Bone Regency. Respondents have selected purposively asExpand
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Mastery of Principal Entrepreneurship Competencies in Senior High Schools in Sinjai Regency, Indonesia
The urgency of research on entrepreneurship competence of high school principals based on creativity and innovation is based on the results of preliminary observations in the implementation of theExpand
A Study of the Principal’s Leadership Role on Teacher’s Performance in Tonra State Senior High School 1, Bone Regency of the South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia.
This study was conducted to determine the effect of the Principal’s leadership role on teacher’s performance, as well as an analysis of the teacher’s performance at the Tonra 1 Tonra District BoneExpand
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Fishermen Poverty and Survival Strategy: Research on Poor Households in Bone Indonesia☆
Abstract This study would explore the survival strategy for poor fishing families in coastal areas of Bone Regency, Indonesia. The research findings shows that survival strategy are diversification,Expand
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Level of Elderly Depression in Palopo City
Depression is a mental health problem. The number of elderly now increasing, so that the elderly with a variety of changes both biologically, socially, culturally, economically, healthy, andExpand
Strategy of Governance in Transportation Policy Implementation: Case Study of Bus Rapid Transit (Brt) Program in Makassar City
This research article describes the application of governance strategy in the implementation of transportation policy through Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) program in Makassar City. The study used caseExpand
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