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177Lu-AMBA Biodistribution, Radiotherapeutic Efficacy, Imaging, and Autoradiography in Prostate Cancer Models with Low GRP-R Expression
177Lu-DO3A-CH2CO-G-4-aminobenzoyl-Q-W-A-V-G-H-L-M-NH2 (177Lu-AMBA) is a radiolabeled bombesin derivative that is bound and internalized by cells expressing the G-protein–coupled gastrin-releasingExpand
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In vitro and in vivo metabolism of Lu-AMBA, a GRP-receptor binding compound, and the synthesis and characterization of its metabolites.
The metabolism of (177)Lu-AMBA (AMBA = DO3A-CH(2)CO-G-(4-aminobenzoyl)-QWAVGHLM-NH(2)), a radiotherapeutic compound in clinical development that binds to GRP and NMB receptors, was studied in vitroExpand
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Synthesis, stabilization and formulation of [177Lu]Lu-AMBA, a systemic radiotherapeutic agent for Gastrin Releasing Peptide receptor positive tumors.
A robust formulation was developed for [(177)Lu]Lu-AMBA ((177)Lu-DO3A-CH(2)CO-G-[4-aminobenzoyl]-QWAVGHLM-NH(2)), a Bombesin-like agonist with high affinity for Gastrin Releasing Peptide (GRP)Expand
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(68)Ga-AMBA and (18)F-FDG for preclinical PET imaging of breast cancer: effect of tamoxifen treatment on tracer uptake by tumor.
INTRODUCTION AMBA is a bombesin analogue that binds to GRPr. In a mouse model of estrogen-dependent human breast cancer, we tested whether (68)Ga-AMBA can be used for PET detection of GRPr-expressingExpand
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Chemistry of the strong electrophilic metal fragment [(99)Tc(N)(PXP)](2+) (PXP = diphosphine ligand). A novel tool for the selective labeling of small molecules.
Monosubstituted [M(N)Cl(2)(POP)] [M = Tc, 1; Re, 2] and [M(N)Cl(2)(PNP)] [M = Tc, 3; Re, 4] complexes were prepared by reaction of the precursors [M(N)Cl(4)](-) and [M(N)Cl(2)(PPh(3))(2)] (M = Tc,Expand
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Synthesis, Solution‐State and Solid‐State Structural Characterization of Monocationic Nitrido Heterocomplexes [M(N)(DTC)(PNP)]+ (M = 99Tc, Re; DTC = Dithiocarbamate; PNP = Heterodiphosphane)
Mono-cationic nitrido heterocomplexes of general formula [M(N)(DTC)(PNP)]+ (where M is 99Tc or Re, DTC is the mono-anionic form of a dithiocarbamate ligand, and PNP is a diphosphane ligand with aExpand
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Automated synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation of [(68)Ga]Ga-AMBA, and the synthesis and characterization of (nat)Ga-AMBA and [(67)Ga]Ga-AMBA.
Ga-AMBA (Ga-DO3A-CH(2)CO-G-[4-aminobenzoyl]-QWAVGHLM-NH(2)) is a bombesin-like agonist with high affinity for gastrin releasing peptide receptors (GRP-R). Syntheses for (nat)Ga-AMBA, [(67)Ga]Ga-AMBAExpand
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Terpyridyl derivatives as bifunctional chelates: synthesis and crystal structures of 4′-[2-(1,3-dioxolan-2-yl)ethylsulfanyl]-2,2′∶6′,2″-terpyridine and
A variety of 2,2′∶6′,2″-terpyridine (terpy) derivatives modified at the 4′ position has been synthesized to generate bifunctional chelates. A particularly convenient route to these bifunctionalExpand
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Comparison of the kit performance of three 99mTc myocardial perfusion agents.
Abstract In this study we report a comparison of the three 99m Tc myocardial perfusion imaging agents: Cardiolite®, Myoview® and Technescan® Q12. The three agents were compared for ease ofExpand
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Symmetric bis-substituted and asymmetric mono-substituted nitridotechnetium complexes with heterofunctionalized phosphinothiolate ligands
The mixed bidentate ligand 2-(dicyclohexylphosphino)-ethanethiol (HL) reacts with labile nitrido-Tc precursors to afford a rare example of an asymmetric monosubstituted species [TcN(L)Cl(PPh3)], 1,Expand
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