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Chemotaxonomy of the genus Talaromyces
The profiles of secondary metabolites support the established taxonomy of the species based on morphology, showing the genetic stability of profiles ofsecondary metabolites in Talaromyces. Expand
Emericellopsis minima sp.nov. and Westerdykella ornata gen.nov., sp.nov.
Two new fungi, isolated from East African mangrove mud, are described and figured and the related fungus Peyronellula mirabilis Malan has been transferred to the genus Emericellopsis van Beyma. Expand
Studies on Talaromyces and related genera I. Hamigera gen. nov. and Byssochlamys
Descriptions and drawings are presented of the two species of Hamigera and the three species of the closely related genus Byssochlamys and the new series of Penicillium, erected to accomodate P. avellaneum and P. ingelheimense. Expand
Studies on the genus Eupenicillium Ludwig I. Taxonomy and nomenclature of Penicillia in relation to their sclerotioid ascocarpic states
The ascocarpic genus Eupenicillium Ludwig has been re-instated and reviewed taxonomically and species which had not previously been assigned to Eupicillium are here so assigned. Expand
The genera Anixiopsis Hansen and Pseudeurotium Van Beyma.
A New Taxonomic Scheme for Penicillium Anamorphs
The genus Penicillium is divided into ten sections: Torulomyces (Delitsch) Stolk & Samson, Aspergilloides Dierckx, Eladia (G. Smith) Stolk & Samson, Divaricatum Raper & Thom ex Pitt, Inordinate Pitt,Expand