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Poloxamer 407/188 binary thermosensitive hydrogels as delivery systems for infiltrative local anesthesia: Physico-chemical characterization and pharmacological evaluation.
The association PL407-PL188 induced lower in vitro cytotoxic effects, increased the duration of analgesia, in a single-dose model study, without evoking in vivo inflammation signs after local injection. Expand
Poloxamer-based binary hydrogels for delivering tramadol hydrochloride: sol-gel transition studies, dissolution-release kinetics, in vitro toxicity, and pharmacological evaluation
The reduced cytotoxicity, genot toxicity, and in vivo pharmacological performance of PL 407 and PL 407–PL 188 hydrogels containing tramadol (TR) pointed to PL-based hydrogel as a potential treatment, by subcutaneous injection, for acute pain. Expand
Poloxamers as Drug-Delivery Systems: Physicochemical, Pharmaceutical, and Toxicological Aspects
Poloxamers (PL) are copolymers A-B-A type consisting of ethylene oxide (EO) and propylene oxide (PO) units in a triblock EOx–POy–EOx arrangement. These copolymers are interesting due to their abilityExpand
Proposal and application of a framework to measure the degree of maturity in Quality 4.0: A multiple case study
Abstract Faced with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the organizational environment will undergo profound changes in scale, connection, and complexity of the value chain. In this scenario, qualityExpand
Lean 4.0: A New Holistic Approach for the Integration of Lean Manufacturing Tools and Digital Technologies
Due to the highly dynamic and competitive environment, organizations are led to rethink their processes and strategies. In the industrial field, Lean Manufacturing (LM) is widely recognized as aExpand
Cognitive Ergonomics and the Industry 4.0
It was found that the Engineer 4.0 will be in charge of the solution of increasingly interdisciplinary problems in a digital environment, requiring denser cognitive efforts and more accurate social-emotional skills, such as communication, motivation, autonomy, perseverance, resilience, collaboration and creativity. Expand
A Proposed Framework to Identify Digital Transformation Maturity in Small Industries
A framework that can identify in which part of the organizational structure innovations have been present and establish the achieved level of maturity is proposed, which can be applied in companies of diverse segments, size and locality. Expand
Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Patents: The Opportunity of Pharmerging Countries
Countries with emerging pharmaceutical market (pharmerging countries) has gained prominence in the international scenario because they are identified as the future responsible for the sustainableExpand
Pharmaceutical innovation : differences between Europe , USA and ‘ pharmerging ’ countries
Resumo: Historicamente, o cenário farmacêutico mundial tem sido dominado por grandes multinacionais (Big Pharma), majoritariamente de origem europeia e norte-americana. Contudo, é consenso naExpand
Project Knowledge Transfer: A Study with Brazilian Project Managers
In a rapidly changing business environment, companies are continually striving to increase productivity and maintain competitiveness. Projects become the delivery mechanism for the products andExpand