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Uptake of FITC Labeled Silica Nanoparticles and Quantum Dots by Rice Seedlings: Effects on Seed Germination and Their Potential as Biolabels for Plants
The use of fluorescent nanomaterials with good photostability and biocompatibility in live imaging of cells has gained increased attention. Even though several imaging techniques have been reportedExpand
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Bacterial exopolysaccharide based nanoparticles for sustained drug delivery, cancer chemotherapy and bioimaging.
Introduction of a novel biocompatible, stable, biomaterial for drug delivery application remains always challenging. In the present study, we report the synthesis of an extremophilic bacterialExpand
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Synthesis and application of luminescent single CdS quantum dot encapsulated silica nanoparticles directed for precision optical bioimaging
This paper presents the synthesis of aqueous cadmium sulfide (CdS) quantum dots (QDs) and silica-encapsulated CdS QDs by reverse microemulsion method and utilized as targeted bio-optical probes. WeExpand
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Type 1 ribotoxin-curcin conjugated biogenic gold nanoparticles for a multimodal therapeutic approach towards brain cancer.
BACKGROUND Gliomas have been termed recurrent cancers due to their highly aggressive nature. Their tendency to infiltrate and metastasize has posed significant roadblocks to in attaining fool proofExpand
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Biomimetic smart nanocomposite: in vitro biological evaluation of zein electrospun fluorescent nanofiber encapsulated CdS quantum dots.
New hybrid quantum dot (QD)/nanofibers have potential applications in a variety of fields. A novel fluorescent nanocomposite nanofiber material, consisting of CdS and zein has been fabricated throughExpand
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Multi-stimuli responsive Cu2S nanocrystals as trimodal imaging and synergistic chemo-photothermal therapy agents.
A size and shape tuned, multifunctional metal chalcogenide, Cu2S-based nanotheranostic agent is developed for trimodal imaging and multimodal therapeutics against brain cancer cells. This theranosticExpand
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Synergistic targeting of cancer and associated angiogenesis using triple-targeted dual-drug silica nanoformulations for theragnostics.
The targeting and therapeutic efficacy of dye- and dual-drug-loaded silica nanoparticles, functionalized with triple targeting ligands specific towards cancer and neoangiogenesis simultaneously, areExpand
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Multifunctional Cu2−xTe Nanocubes Mediated Combination Therapy for Multi-Drug Resistant MDA MB 453
Hypermethylated cancer populations are hard to treat due to their enhanced chemo-resistance, characterized by aberrant methylated DNA subunits. Herein, we report on invoking response from such aExpand
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Structurally distinct hybrid polymer/lipid nanoconstructs harboring a type-I ribotoxin as cellular imaging and glioblastoma-directed therapeutic vectors.
A nanoformulation composed of a ribosome inactivating protein-curcin and a hybrid solid lipid nanovector has been devised against glioblastoma. The structurally distinct nanoparticles were highlyExpand
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