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Atmospheric versus vegetation controls of Amazonian tropical rain forest evapotranspiration: Are the wet and seasonally dry rain forests any different?
[1] This study analyzes evapotranspiration data for three wet and two seasonally dry rain forest sites in Amazonia. The main environmental (net radiation, vapor pressure deficit, and aerodynamicExpand
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Seasonal leaf dynamics in an Amazonian tropical forest
Abstract The ecological consequences of climate change for large tropical forests such as the Amazon are likely to be profound. Amazonian forests strongly influence regional and global climates andExpand
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Genetic parameters for milk yield, lactation length and calving intervals of Murrah buffaloes from Brazil
The major objective of this study was to estimate heritability and genetic correlations between milk yield (MY) and calving interval (CI) and lactation length (LL) in Murrah buffaloes using BayesianExpand
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Mapping ignorance: 300 years of collecting flowering plants in Africa
J.H. was funded by a Spanish DGCyT Ramon y Cajal grant and by a CNPq Special Visiting Researcher grant (no. 401471/2014-4).
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The influence of oceanic basins on drought and ecosystem dynamics in Northeast Brazil
The 2012 drought in Northeast Brazil was the harshest in decades, with potentially significant impacts on the vegetation of the unique semi-arid caatinga biome and on local livelihoods. Here, we useExpand
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Unexplored diversity and conservation potential of neotropical hot caves.
The term hot cave is used to describe some subterranean chambers in the Neotropics that are characterized by constantly high ambient temperatures generated by the body heat of high densities ofExpand
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Geographic trends and information deficits in Amazonian conservation research
Amazonia has an iconic status in global conservation due to its enormous area and vast stores of biodiversity. Nevertheless, much of its biodiversity remains unknown, and many of the region’s forestsExpand
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Artisanal Fisheries Research: A Need for Globalization?
Given limited funds for research and widespread degradation of ecosystems, environmental scientists should geographically target their studies where they will be most effective. However, in academicExpand
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Population structure and genetic variability in the Murrah dairy breed of water buffalo in Brazil accessed via pedigree analysis
The objective of this study was to use pedigree analysis to evaluate the population structure and genetic variability in the Murrah dairy breed of water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) in Brazil. PedigreeExpand
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Genetic improvement and population structure of the Nelore breed in Northern Brazil
The objective of this work was to evaluate the population structure and the genetic and phenotypic progress of Nelore cattle in Northern Brazil. Pedigree information concerning animals born betweenExpand
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