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Soil microbial diversity and the sustainability of agricultural soils
Many world ecosystems are in various states of decline evidenced by erosion, low productivity, and poor water quality caused by forest clearing, intensive agricultural production, and continued useExpand
Organic and Biodynamic Management Effects on Soil Biology
Organically and biodynamically managed soils had similar microbial status and were more biotically active than soils that did not receive organic fertilization, but additional use of the biodynamic preparations did not significantly affect the soil biotic parameters tested. Expand
Microbial characteristics of soil quality
We all recognize the rich smell of newly plowed earth, and the friable structure and deep color of healthy soil (Figure 1). We can readily contrast that to the off smell and mottled color of a lowExpand
Flooding effects on soil microbial communities
Some changes in the soil microbial community due to flooding are found; however, the 5-week time period of this study may not have been long enough to develop measureable changes. Expand
Bacterial diversity in agroecosystems
The objective of this manuscript was to explore bacterial diversity and bioindication in agroecosystems and to enhance knowledge of soil bacterial functioning and diversity. Expand
Microbial diversity along a transect of agronomic zones.
Bacterial community structure and diversity from four eastern Washington State soils showed that management and agronomic practices had more impact on bacterial community structure than annual precipitation. Expand
Grain Legumes in Northern Great Plains : Impacts on Selected Biological Soil Processes
Grain legumes in Northern Great Plains have positive effects on agriculture by adding and recycling biologically fixed N 2 , enhancing nutrient uptake, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by reducing N fertilizer use, and breaking nonlegume crop pest cycles. Expand
Dynamics of a Soil Microbial Community under Spring Wheat
In arable systems, seasonal fluctuations of microbiological properties can be significant. We hypothesized that adaptation to soil environmental conditions may contribute to the variation observed,Expand
Soil microbial community response to surfactants and herbicides in two soils
Abstract The environmental impacts of herbicides on desirable plants and the soil biota are of public concern. The surfactants that are often used with herbicides are also under scrutiny asExpand