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Host-feeding patterns of potential human disease vectors in the Paraíba Valley region, State of Säo Paulo, Brazil.
Engorged females of Aedes albopictus, Ochlerotatus scapularis, Culex nigripalpus and Culex quinquefasciatus were collected by aspiration and sweep net during two years in Tremembé county, State ofExpand
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Preferências alimentares de mosquitos Culicidae no Vale do Ribeira, São Paulo, Brasil
Sao apresentados os resultados obtidos na identificacao do sangue ingerido por culicideos ingurgitados coletados em varios ambientes rurais de cinco localidades do Vale do Ribeira, Estado de SaoExpand
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Sand fly vectorial ecology in the State of São Paulo.
  • A. C. Gomes
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Memorias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz
  • 1 July 1994
Ecological aspect of sand fly distribution in the State of São Paulo, Brazil are described. The main man-biting species are Lutzomyia whitmani, Lu.pessoai, Lu.intermedia, Lu.migonei and Lu.fischeri.Expand
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Aspectos ecologicos da leishmaniose tegumentar americana
The daily activity of Psychodopygus intermedius was measured for the first time, within and outside of a residual forest in the Ribeira Valley, S. Paulo State, Brazil. The results showed nocturnalExpand
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Natural Plasmodium infections in Brazilian wild monkeys: reservoirs for human infections?
Four hundred and forty-eight samples of total blood from wild monkeys living in areas where human autochthonous malaria cases have been reported were screened for the presence of Plasmodium usingExpand
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Observações sobre atividade de mosquitos Culicidae, em mata residual no Vale do Ribeira, S. Paulo, Brasil
Relatam-se observacoes sobre o ciclo diario de atividade, por parte de mosquitos Culicidae de mata residual, em area de ambiente intensamente modificado por exploracao agropecuaria, no Vale doExpand
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Freqüência domiciliar e endofilia de mosquitos Culicidae no Vale do Ribeira, São Paulo, Brasil
Results of mosquito collections in two Ribeira Valley localities are presented. These places represents environments highly modified by agrarian and cattle raising activities. The collections wereExpand
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Estratégia e perspectivas de controle da leishmaniose tegumentar no Estado de São Paulo
The multiplicity of factors involved in the transmission of American cutaneous leishmaniasis (ACL) make it difficult to formulate an efficient strategy for the control of the disease. On the basis ofExpand
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