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Phylogenies without Synapomorphies—A Crisis in Fish Systematics: Time to Show Some Character
We contend that the move away from providing character evidence with phylogenies has diminished fish systematics and systematics in general, and amounts to a crisis. Present practices focus onExpand
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Thalasseleotrididae, new family of marine gobioid fishes from New Zealand and temperate Australia, with a revised definition of its sister taxon, the Gobiidae (Teleostei: Acanthomorpha)
Thalasseleotrididae n. fam. is erected to include two marine genera, Thalasseleotris Hoese & Larson from temperate Aus-tralia and New Zealand, and Grahamichthys Whitley from New Zealand. Both hadExpand
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Molecular phylogenetics of Chaetodon and the Chaetodontidae (Teleostei: Perciformes) with reference to morphology
Butterflyfish are colourful, pan-tropical coastal fish that are important and distinctive members of coral reef communities. A successful systematic scheme and a robust phylogeny is consideredExpand
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Monophyly of the grammatidae and of the notograptidae, with evidence for their phylogenetic positions among perciforms
Monophyly ofa redefined Grammatidae consisting only of Gramma Poey and Lipogramma Bohlke is supported by synapomorphic modification of the cheek musculature: adductor mandibulae with a separate A,"Expand
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Plectranthias takasei, new species of anthiadine fish from southern Japan (Teleostei: Serranidae).
Plectranthias takasei is described from two specimens collected in Izu Oceanic Park, Sagami Bay, Honshu, Japan. It is distinguished from congeners in having the following combination of characters:Expand
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