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Synopsis of Hexasepalum (Rubiaceae), the Priority Name for Diodella and a New Species from Brazil
The descriptions of the Hexasepalum species are complemented with a key, geographical distributions, and illustrations of key morphological characters and line drawings are provided for species not illustrated before in literature.
Spermacoce spiralis, a new name for Diodia assurgens (Rubiaceae).
The comparative morphological study clearly shows that Diodia assurgens K.Schum belongs to the genus Spermacoce s.
(2114-2115) Proposals to reject the names Hexasepalum and H. angustifolium (Rubiaceae)
Fil: Cabana Fader, Andrea Alejandra. Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cientificas y Tecnicas. Centro Cientifico Tecnologico Conicet - Nordeste. Instituto de Botanica del Nordeste. Universidad
Morpho-anatomical and morphometric studies of the floral structures of the distylous Oldenlandia salzmannii (Rubiaceae)
This study represents the first comprehensive morphological study of Oldenlandia salzmannii by analyzing its floral morpho-anatomy, morphometrics and phenology of both floral morphs.
Diodia kuntzei K. Schum (Rubiaceae, Spermacoceae): a new record for the state of Acre, Brazil
Diodia kuntzei (Rubiaceae, Spermacoceae) is prostrate herb, rooting at the nodes, with reddish stems, multifimbriate stipules, axillary one-two-flowered inflorescences, corolla with filiform tube,
Hexasepalum nordestinum (Rubiaceae): A New Species from Two Disjoint and Fragmented Areas in Northeast Brazil, with a Key to the American Species of the Genus
Hexasepalum nordestinum is described, a new species from northeast Brazil, which occurs in extremely fragmented areas of Ceará and Piauí states and is assessed here as endangered.