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Damage to cultivated cruciferae by nysius huttoni white (heteroptera : lygaeidae)
Abstract Ten to 20 specimens of Nysius huttoni White caged on young plants of chou moellier, rape, swede, soft turnip, and hard turnip, caused serious damage. Leaf veins and petioles were sucked andExpand
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Insects associated with the major fodder crops in the North Island
Summary A survey during 1959 of the fodder crops in the North Island revealed Odonata-1 species, Orthoptera-7, Isoptera-1, Psocoptera-3, Thysanoptera-11, Neuroptera-1, and Lepidoptera-14, inExpand
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New genera and species of the Lygus‐Complex (Hemiptera: Miridae) in the New Zealand subregion compared with subgenera (now genera) studied by Leston (1952) and Niastama Reuter
Abstract Diomocoris, a new genus to contain Lygus maoricus (Walker, 1873), and eight new species from the New Zealand subregion (Diomocoris fasciatus, D. granosus, D. ostiolum, D. punctatus, D.Expand
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Further new genera and other new combinations for species previously assigned to Megaloceroea (Heteroptera: Miridae: Stenodemini)
Summary Megaloceroea recticornis (Geoffroy) is recorded from New Zealand. M. reuteriana White and three new species, one from New Zealand, Tasmania and Australia, one from New Guinea, and one fromExpand
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Revision of New Zealand Bryocorinae and Phylinae (Insecta: Hemiptera: Miridae)
Abstract Two species of Bryocorinae and 19 species of Phylinae are now known from New Zealand. Tytthus chinensis (Stål) is newly recorded from the Kermadec Islands. Eight new genera (Basileobius,Expand
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Invertebrate survey of a modified native shrubland, Brookdale Covenant, Rock and Pillar Range, Otago, New Zealand
Abstract This is the first published invertebrate survey focusing on a low‐altitude shrubland community in New Zealand. Invertebrates were collected from a remnant native shrubland (450 m) protectedExpand
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Revision of New Zealand Orthotylinae (Insecta: Hemiptera: Miridae)
Abstract Six genera and 11 species of Orthotylinae are now known from New Zealand. Zanchius Distant is newly recorded. One new genus, Tridiplous, and seven new species of endemic New ZealandExpand
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Observations on some parasites of two Wiseana species (Lep.: Hepialidae)
Abstract Three native parasites, Occisor versutus Hutton and a Plagiomyia sp. (Dipt. Tachinidae), and Pterocormus lotatorius Fabricius (Hym. Ichneumonidae)‚ are recorded for the first time from theExpand
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