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Comparison of the properties of phosphoglucomutase from muscle of turbot (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides, Greenland Halibut) and witch flounder (Glyptocephalus cynoglossus) from the Northwest Atlantic
  • A. C. Dey
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Comparative biochemistry and physiology. B…
  • 1982
1. Phosphoglucomutase from muscle of turbot and witch has been purified and the properties studied from two regions of the Northwest Atlantic and the Gulf of St. Lawrence. 2. The enzyme, purified 157Expand
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C-21- and 6-hydroxylation of progesterone by rabbit liver subcellular fractions.
In vitro C-21-hydroxylation of [3H]progesterone (P) has been demonstrated for the first time with rabbit liver microsomes and mitochondria. Deoxycorticosterone (DOC) was rigorously characterized as aExpand
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Acidic steroid metabolites: evidence for the excretion of C-21-carboxylic acid metabolites of progesterone in rabbit urine.
Abstract Acidic metabolites of injected progesterone have been isolated from rabbit urine. The acids were chromatographed on alumina and florisil columns, precipitated as salts, methylated andExpand
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Acidic steroid metabolites: in vitro metabolism of tritiated progesterone and deoxycorticosterone by rabbit liver.
Rabbit liver subcellular fractions incubated in vitro with tritiated progesterone or deoxycorticosterone gave neutral and acidic metabolites. Deoxycorticosterone formed acids at a faster rate, andExpand
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Acidic steroid metabolites: predominant excretion of 20-oxo-pregnanoic acid metabolites of progesterone in rabbit urine.
Abstract The major acidic metabolite of progesterone excreted in rabbit urine has been isolated and identified as 3α, 6ξ-dihydroxy-5α-pregnane-20-one-21-oic acid. Several related steroidal acids haveExpand
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Acidic steroid metabolites: tritium transfer and the in vitro formation of 4-pregnene-3,20-dione-21-oic acid by rabbit and rat hepatic and extrahepatic tissues.
Abstract Rat and rabbit tissue homogenates detritiated 21-[ 3 H]-deoxycorticosterone when incubated in vitro . The adrenal was more active than the liver in both species. Acid formation, as assessedExpand
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Acidic steroid metabolites: biosynthesis of steroid carboxylic acids by rabbit liver microsomes and the involvement of a cytochrome P450-independent mixed function oxidase system.
Abstract [1,2- 3 H]-4-pregnene-3,20-dione-21-oic acid (pregnenoic acid ∗ ), and [1,2- 4 H]-4-androsten-3-one-17β-carboxylic acid (etienic acid) have been isolated and characterised as in vitroExpand
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Selectivity of mixed-function oxygenase enzyme induction in flounder (Pseudopleuronectes americanus) collected at the site of the Baie Verte, Newfoundland oil spill.
A marked level of mixed-function oxygenase (MFO) enzyme induction was observed in kidney but not in liver tissues of winter flounder collected at the site of a spill of No. 2 fuel oil inExpand
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A simple procedure for the solubilization of NADH-cytochrome b5 reductase.
Abstract NADH-cytochrome b 5 reductase has been solubilized by extraction of rabbit liver microsomes with 1 m potassium phosphate buffer (pH 7.4), and has been purified to comparable purity with theExpand
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