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A Study of the Structure of Feathers, With Reference to Their Taxonomic Significance
This article describes structure and comparative morphological study of feathers (plumage) with reference to the phylogeny (evolution), nomenclature (name) and taxonomy (classification) of birds.Expand
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The helminths of raccoons in East Texas.
Through the kind cooperation of Mr. Rollin H. Baker, Field Biologist of the Texas Game, Fish and Oyster Commission, 13 raccoons (Procyon lotor lotor) from Angelina County, in East Texas, were madeExpand
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Specific Characters in the Genus Trichuris, with a Description of a New Species, Trichuris tenuis, from a Camel
In a recent paper. on the specific identity of whipworms from swine. Schwartz (1926) points out that the specific characters in the genus Trichuris Roederer 1761 are largely limited to the size ofExpand
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New genera and species of nematode worms
cal, shallow, with thick chitinous walls, divided into anterior and posterior compartments. Posterior end of capsule attached to the cuticle by a chitinous ring and anterior portion of capsuleExpand
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Trichuris species from California rodents.
Specimens from Thoimomys bottae bottae are larger than those described by Hall, 1916, from Thomomys fossor in Colorado, the males measuring 28 to 30 mm in length, and the females 28 to 33 mm. InExpand
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Studies on Egyptian trematodes with special reference to the heterophyids of mammals. I. Adult flukes, with descriptions of Phagicola longicollis n. sp., Cynodiplostomum Namrui n. sp., and a
The present report is based upon a study of a part of a rather extensive collection of helminths from vertebrates and is concerned primarily with heterophyids and accompanying trematodes obtainedExpand
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Helminths of tree squirrels in Southeast Texas.
In cooperation with Mr. Rollin H. Baker, Field Biologist of the Texas State Game, Fish and Oyster Commission, engaged in ecological studies of native fur animals in southeast Texas, 12 fox squirrels,Expand
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