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Philopatry and migration of Pacific white sharks
Advances in electronic tagging and genetic research are making it possible to discern population structure for pelagic marine predators once thought to be panmictic. However, reconciling migrationExpand
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Migration and habitat of white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias) in the eastern Pacific Ocean
Satellite telemetry studies of 20 adult and sub-adult white sharks (360–530 cm estimated total length (TL)) in the eastern North Pacific during 1999–2005 revealed long distance seasonal migrationsExpand
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Migration of bats past a remote island offers clues toward the problem of bat fatalities at wind turbines
Wind energy is rapidly becoming a viable source of alternative energy, but wind turbines are killing bats in many areas of North America. Most of the bats killed by turbines thus far have beenExpand
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Sandy shore ecosystems and the threats facing them: some predictions for the year 2025
Pollution, mining, disruption of sand transport and tourism development widely affect sandy shores, and these systems may be subject to increased erosion in future, yet there have been few attemptsExpand
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Dynamics of White Shark Predation on Pinnipeds in California: Effects of Prey Abundance
Abstract To assess long-term temporal trends in White Shark (Carcharadon carcharias) predation, and examine the relationship between C. carcharias and pinnipeds, we examined a 17-year (1988–2004)Expand
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A study of the influence of orifice diameter on a turbulent jet ignition system through combustion visualization and performance characterization in a rapid compression machine
Abstract Turbulent Jet Ignition is a prechamber initiated combustion system that can replace the spark plug in a standard spark ignition engine. The nozzle orifice is critical in a turbulent jetExpand
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Breeding Success and Nest Site Selection by a Caribbean Population of Wilson's Plovers
Abstract We report breeding success of Wilson's Plovers (Charadrius wilsonia) on St. Martin in the Lesser Antilles during 2004. We located 35 nests among six wetlands and apparent nest success wasExpand
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Harmonic generation by noble-gas atoms in the near-IR regime using ab initio time-dependent R-matrix theory
We demonstrate the capability of ab-initio time-dependent R-matrix theory to obtain accurate harmonic generation spectra of noble-gas atoms at Near-IR wavelengths between 1200 and 1800 nm and peakExpand
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Status and Range of Introduced Mammals on St. Martin, Lesser Antilles
The introduction of mammals to islands is one of the leading causes of extirpation of native biota worldwide. Data gaps in the introduction of mammals to islands have led to inadequate managementExpand
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