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Chiral symmetry breaking with lattice propagators
We study chiral symmetry breaking using the standard gap equation, supplemented with the infrared-finite gluon propagator and ghost dressing function obtained from large-volume lattice simulations.Expand
Yang-Mills two-point functions in linear covariant gauges
In this work we use two different but complementary approaches in order to study the ghost propagator of a pure SU(3) Yang-Mills theory quantized in the linear covariant gauges, focusing on itsExpand
QCD effective charges from lattice data
We use recent lattice data on the gluon and ghost propagators, as well as the Kugo-Ojima function, in order to extract the non-perturbative behavior of two particular definitions of the QCD effectiveExpand
Gluon and ghost propagators in the Landau gauge: Deriving lattice results from Schwinger-Dyson equations
We show that the application of a novel gauge-invariant truncation scheme to the Schwinger-Dyson equations of QCD leads, in the Landau gauge, to an infrared finite gluon propagator and a divergentExpand
The gluon mass generation mechanism: A concise primer
We present a pedagogical overview of the nonperturbative mechanism that endows gluons with a dynamical mass. This analysis is performed based on pure Yang–Mills theories in the Landau gauge, withinExpand
Quark gap equation with non-Abelian Ball-Chiu vertex
The full quark-gluon vertex is a crucial ingredient for the dynamical generation of a constituent quark mass from the standard quark gap equation, and its nontransverse part may be determined exactlyExpand
Gluon mass generation in the PT-BFM scheme
In this article we study the general structure and special properties of the Schwinger-Dyson equation for the gluon propagator constructed with the pinch technique, together with the question of howExpand
Renormalization Group Analysis Of The Gluon Mass Equation
In the present work we carry out a systematic study of the renormalization properties of the integral equation that determines the momentum evolution of the effective gluon mass. A detailed,Expand
Relating a gluon mass scale to an infrared fixed point in pure gauge QCD.
It is argued that the frozen value of the coupling constant found in some solutions of the Schwinger-Dyson equations of QCD can be related to this fixed point of the beta function. Expand
Phenomenological tests for the freezing of the QCD running coupling constant
We discuss phenomenological tests for the frozen infrared behavior of the running coupling constant and gluon propagators found in some solutions of Schwinger–Dyson equations of the gluonic sector ofExpand