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Morphological and molecular analyses of Pseudomazocraes sulamericana n. sp., Pseudomazocraes selene Hargis, 1957, Cemocotyle carangis (MacCallum, 1913) and Zeuxapta seriolae (Meserve, 1938)
An integrative taxonomy approach was followed to analyse morphological and molecular characters of the monogenean species Pseudomazocraes selene, Cemocotyle carangis and Zeuxapta seriolae; specimens
Mexicana rubra sp. nov. and Encotyllabe cf. spari Yamaguti, 1934 (Monogenea) of Orthopristis ruber (Cuvier, 1830) from the Brazilian Coast off Rio de Janeiro
The main diagnostic features of this new species of ectoparasite are a posteriorly bipartite testis, a ventral bar with three deep bowed projections and a dorsal bar with two deep, conspicuous, antero-lateral indentations.
Redescription and First Nucleotide Sequences of Rhinobatonchocotyle pacifica Oliva & Luque, 1995 (Monogenea: Hexabothriidae), a Parasite of Pseudobatos planiceps (Garman, 1880) (Rhinopristiformes:
The diagnosis of Rhinobatonchocotyle is emended to include species with or without seminal receptacle and the phylogenetic reconstruction confirmed the species within the Hexabothriidae.