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Outcome of percutaneous hybrid coronary revascularization: bare metal stents jeopardize the benefit of sirolimus-eluting stents in the real world.
BACKGROUND In an effort to contain procedural costs while limiting the risk of in-stent restenosis, hybrid percutaneous revascularization (ie, stenting with at least one sirolimus-eluting stent [SES]Expand
Beneficial effect of post-procedural abciximab in patients undergoing primary coronary angioplasty and presenting with the no-reflow phenomenon
We sought to investigate the effect of post-procedural abciximab on clinical outcome of patients presenting the no-reflow phenomenon after primary angioplasty. We retrospectively selected 38 patientsExpand
[Effect of prenylamine lactate in angina pectoris].
[Echocardiographic observations in infectious endocarditis].
Symptomatic failure after sirolimus-eluting stent implantation: a rare but challenging condition.
BACKGROUND Limited information is available regarding restenosis after implantation of a sirolimus-eluting stent (SES). OBJECTIVE To report on angiographic characteristics, clinical presentationExpand
[Rheumatoid cardiopathy. Observations on a clinical case].
The occurrence of cardiac involvement in RA is frequent but cardiac lesions are observed more frequently at necroscopy than on clinical examination. The case of a RA patient with a serious mitralExpand