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Reproductive parameters of the grey goshawk (Accipiter novaehollandiae) and brown goshawk (Accipiter fasciatus) at Abergowrie, northern Queensland, Australia
The total offspring production per pair of the species was similar, but the greater rate of nest failure for A. fusciatus meant that this species fledged fewer young per initial nest than A. nouuehollundiur and neither species bred outside the ‘spring’ (August-December) period. Expand
Niche Partitioning by Two Sympatric Goshawks in the Australian Wet Tropics: Ranging Behaviour
Evidence of niche partitioning according to home range size and overlap, habitat composition and habitat use and interactions between the Australian goshawks is found, which may facilitate co-existence of two such similar-sized accipiters. Expand
Zibethacarus beeri (Astigmata: Glycyphagidae), a new mite species inhabiting vole nests in western Oregon, U.S.A.
Samples collected into alcohol using a Berlese funnel contained males still clinging to the dorsum of females, their modified tibiae of legs II clasping the female's modified dorsal setae h2 . Expand
Management of exotic pine plantations in northeast Queensland for goshawks
Summary As a compromise between forestry and wildlife needs, it has been recommended that a mix of native forest and plantation in various stages of succession be integrated to form a mosaic ofExpand
Bobcat ranging behavior in relation to small mammalabundance on Colima Volcano, Mexico
Resumen en: One adult male bobcat and one adult female bobcat (Lynx rufus) were captured near the summit of Colima Volcano, western Mexico. The overall home range ...
Cannibalism at a Brown Goshawk Nest
Response of Prey Species to Foraging Goshawks Accipiter Spp.
A Note on Hunting Behaviour of Two Sympatric Goshawks in the Australian Wet Tropics
Observations were made on hunting techniques employed by sympatric Grey Goshawks Accipiter novaehollandiae and Brown Goshawk A. fasciatus in Queensland, finding interspecific differences in hunting and attacking techniques relate to morphological differences between the two species. Expand
Two adult male pumas were captured and monitored via radio-telemetry on the Colima volcanoes, western Mexico. One male occupied the western, north, and eastern slopes of the volcanic complex, whereasExpand