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Weyl semimetal in a topological insulator multilayer.
The Weyl semimetal has a nonzero dc conductivity at zero temperature, but Drude weight vanishing as T(2), and is thus an unusual metallic phase, characterized by a finite anomalous Hall conductivity and topologically protected edge states.
Topological nodal semimetals
We present a study of “nodal-semimetal” phases in which nondegenerate conduction and valence bands touch at points (the “Weyl semimetal”) or lines (the “line-node semimetal”) in three-dimensional
Topological response in Weyl semimetals and the chiral anomaly
We demonstrate that topological transport phenomena, characteristic of Weyl semimetals, namely the semiquantized anomalous Hall effect and the chiral magnetic effect (equilibrium
Giant planar Hall effect in topological metals
Much excitement has been generated recently by the experimental observation of the chiral anomaly in condensed matter physics. This manifests as strong negative longitudinal magnetoresistance and has
Theory of spin-charge-coupled transport in a two-dimensional electron gas with Rashba spin-orbit interactions
We use microscopic linear response theory to derive a set of equations that provide a complete description of coupled spin and charge diffusive transport in a two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) with
Chiral anomaly and diffusive magnetotransport in Weyl metals.
  • A. Burkov
  • Physics
    Physical review letters
  • 29 August 2014
It is demonstrated that a universal experimentally observable consequence of a magnetic-field-induced coupling in magnetotransport in Weyl metals is a quadratic negative magnetoresistance, which will dominate all other contributions to Magnetoresistance under certain conditions.
Topological semimetals.
  • A. Burkov
  • Physics
    Nature materials
  • 25 October 2016
The field of electronic structure topology of crystalline materials has emerged in the last decade as a major new theme in the modern condensed matter physics and the experimental realization of both Weyl and Dirac semimetals has brought the field to the forefront of quantum condensed matter research.
Negative longitudinal magnetoresistance in Dirac and Weyl metals
It has recently been found that Dirac and Weyl metals are characterized by an unusual weak-field longitudinal magnetoresistance: large, negative, and quadratic in the magnetic field. This has been
Weyl semimetal with broken time reversal and inversion symmetries
Weyl semimetal is a new topological state of matter, characterized by the presence of nondegenerate band-touching nodes, separated in momentum space, in its bandstructure. Here we discuss a
Axion response in Weyl semimetals
Weyl semimetal is a new phase of matter that provides the first solid state realization of chiral Weyl fermions. Most of its unique physics is a consequence of chiral anomaly, namely nonconservation