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Fundamentals of inorganic membrane science and technology
Preface. List of contributors. 1. General Overview, Trends and Prospects (A.J. Burggraaf, L. Cot). 2. Important Characteristics of Inorganic Membranes (A.J. Burggraaf). 3. Adsorption Phenomena inExpand
Dense Ceramic Membranes for Oxygen Separation
Influence of order-disorder transitions on oxygen permeability through selected nonstoichiometric perovskite-type oxides
New results on the oxygen permeability of perovskite-type oxides SrCo0.8B'0.2O3−σ (with B'=Cr, Fe, Co and Cu) and La0.6Sr0.4CoO3−δ are presented. The occurrence of order-disorder transitions atExpand
Single gas permeation of thin zeolite (MFI) membranes: theory and analysis of experimental observations
Theoretical expressions for single gas permeation are analysed and evaluated with selected literature and some new experimental data on Silicalite/ZSM-5 membranes. The phenomenologicalExpand
Importance of the surface exchange kinetics as rate limiting step in oxygen permeation through mixed-conducting oxides
Attention is drawn to the possible involvement of the surface exchange kinetics in limiting the rate of oxygen permeation through mixed-conducting oxide ceramics. A theoretical approach is providedExpand
Analysis and theory of gas transport in microporous sol-gel derived ceramic membranes
Sol-gel modification of mesoporous alumina membranes is a very successful technique to improve gas separation performance. Due to the formed microporous top layer, the membranes show activatedExpand
Chapter 10 Dense ceramic membranes for oxygen separation
Publisher Summary This chapter reviews the recent developments in the area of mixed ionic-electronic conducting membranes for oxygen separation, in which the membrane material is made dense—that is,Expand
Oxidation state of Fe and Ti ions implanted in yttria-stabilized zirconia studied by XPS
The oxidation state of Fe and Ti ions implanted in yttria stabilized zirconia (YSZ) was studied by XPS (X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy) in combination with depth profiling using Ar+ sputtering. InExpand
Formation and characterization of supported microporous ceramic membranes prepared by sol-gel modification techniques
The formation is described of supported microporous membranes (by IUPAC definition rpore < 1 nm), prepared by modification of mesoporous γ-alumina membranes with polymeric sols. The mesoporousExpand
Permeation of single gases in thin zeolite MFI membranes
The permeation of a series of gases with widely different Lennard-Jones kinetic diameters and sorption properties is investigated as a function of feed pressure (up to 100 kPa) and temperatureExpand