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Assessment of exposure to pushing and pulling in epidemiological field studies: An overview of methods, exposure measures, and measurement strategies
Abstract Although pushing and pulling is very common in occupational settings, this type of manual materials handling is less well studied than lifting and carrying. Several issues should beExpand
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Characterization of exposure to inhalable flour dust in Swedish bakeries.
Bakery workers are at risk of developing respiratory symptoms, such as asthma and rhinitis. Exposure to inhalable flour dust in 12 Swedish bakeries was therefore determined: concentrations ofExpand
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The influence of ergonomic devices on mechanical load during patient handling activities in nursing homes.
OBJECTIVES Mechanical load during patient handling activities is an important risk factor for low back pain among nursing personnel. The aims of this study were to describe required and actual use ofExpand
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Exposure to metalworking fluid aerosols and determinants of exposure.
Metalworking fluid (MWF) aerosols are associated with respiratory disorders including asthma and hypersensitivity pneumonitis. The aims of this study were to describe exposure to inhalable MWFExpand
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Correlation and Prediction of Liquid-Phase Adsorption on Zeolites Using Group Contributions Based on Adsorbate−Solid Solution Theory†
Both correlation as well as prediction of experimental data for the adsorption of various binary liquid mixtures of alkanes and alkenes on NaX at different temperatures are presented. The theoreticalExpand
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Environmental influences on male reproduction
Considerable concern has been raised in recent publications that oestrogen-lihe compounds in either food or the environment cause adverse effects on reproductive health. There is clear evidence thatExpand
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Effects of noise and acoustics in schools on vocal health in teachers
Previous studies on the influence of noise and acoustics in the classroom on voice symptoms among teachers have exclusively relied on self-reports. Since self-reported physical conditions may beExpand
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Trends in overweight among women differ by occupational class: results from 33 low- and middle-income countries in the period 1992–2009
Objective:There has been an increase in overweight among women in low- and middle-income countries but whether these trends differ for women in different occupations is unknown. We examined trends byExpand
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Improving the sitting posture of CAD/CAM workers by increasing VDU monitor working height
A study was carried out on ten subjects working with computer–aided design/computer–aided manufacture (CAD/CAM) systems to examine the effect of a new position of the VDU monitor on sitting posture.Expand
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Exposure to shock and vibration and symptoms in workers using impact power tools.
In The Netherlands damage to health due to occupational exposure to shock and vibration is seldom reported. A survey was therefore made of the nature, extent and severity of exposure to shock andExpand
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