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Transmission pattern and intraspecific competition as determinants of population structure in pinworms (Oxyurida: Nematoda).
The transmission pattern of Zonothrix columbianus (Nematoda: Oxyurida) in its host Tropisternus columbianus (Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae), an aquatic beetle, was studied to determine whether parasitesExpand
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Daphnia magna microRNAs respond to nutritional stress and ageing but are not transgenerational
Maternal effects, where the performance of offspring is determined by the condition of their mother, are widespread and may in some cases be adaptive. The crustacean Daphnia magna shows strongExpand
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Development of caecaloids to study host-pathogen interactions: new insights into immunoregulatory functions of Trichuris muris extracellular vesicles in the caecum
The caecum, an intestinal appendage in the junction of the small and large intestines, displays a unique epithelium that serves as an exclusive niche for a range of pathogens including whipwormsExpand
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