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Restricted antigenic variability of the epitope recognized by the neutralizing gp41 antibody 2F5
Objective To investigate whether variations of the conserved gp41 amino-acid sequence ELDKWA affect its binding or neutralization by monoclonal antibody (MAb) 2F5. Design and methods NeutralizationExpand
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Mapping of FVIII inhibitor epitopes using cellulose-bound synthetic peptide arrays.
Epitope mapping using antibodies against factor VIII (FVIII) has been performed using blotting techniques with truncated and/or digested FVIII molecules. Here, we focused on the precise mapping ofExpand
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Effect of oriented or random PEGylation on bioactivity of a factor VIII inhibitor blocking peptide
Peptides as therapeutic substances are efficient agents in the treatment of several diseases. However, they often have to be chemically modified in order to be suited as therapeutic agent.Expand
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Combinatorial peptides directed to inhibitory antibodies against human blood clotting factor VIII.
The development of antibodies against blood clotting factor VIII is a major complication affecting 20-30% of hemophilia A patients receiving replacement with FVIII concentrates. This studyExpand
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Effects of ultra-/diafiltration conditions on present aggregates in human immunoglobulin G preparations
Small traces of aggregates may cause reduced stability of human immunoglobulin G preparations. Ultra-/diafiltration as last step before formulation could also contribute to aggregate formation orExpand
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Electrophoretic analyses of clotting factor VIII concentrates
Abstract Preparations of clotting factor VIII (FVIII) are complex protein mixtures, regardless of whether they are made by genetically engineered cells or isolated from human plasma. CommerciallyExpand
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ABSTRACT The performance of a 6 litre stirred tank reactor and a fluidized bed reactor operated with 2 litre macroporous PolyporE beads have been compared. Under controlled perfusion conditions theExpand
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Long-Term Stability Of Continuously Perfused Animal Cells Immobilized On Novel Macroporous Microcarriers
The ultimate goal of optimizing biological production is the establishment of simple, safe, cheap, consistent, and easily manageable production systems. Various complicated techniques have been usedExpand