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Giuseppe Della Penna, Benedetto Intrigila, Igor Melatti, Enrico Tronci, and Marisa Venturini Zilli. "Integrating RAM and Disk Based Verification within the Mur$\varphi$ Verifier." In Correct HardwareExpand
On phase semantics and denotational semantics: the exponentials
We extend to the exponential connectives of linear logic the study initiated in Bucciarelli and Ehrhard (2000) and provide a sequent calculus for this system. Expand
Categorical Models for Simply Typed Resource Calculi
We introduce the notion of differential @l-category as an extension of Blute-Cockett-Seely's differential Cartesian categories. Expand
Not Enough Points Is Enough
Models of the untyped λ-calculus may be defined either as applicative structures satisfying a bunch of first-order axioms (λ-models), or as reflexive objects in cartesian closed categories (categorical models). Expand
A relational semantics for parallelism and non-determinism in a functional setting
We introduce a λ -calculus extended with non-deterministic choice and parallel composition, and we define its operational semantics (based on the may and must intuitions underlying our two additional operations). Expand
The Inhabitation Problem for Non-idempotent Intersection Types
We study the problem in the case of non-idempotent intersection, and we prove decidability through a sound and complete algorithm. Expand
On Phase Semantics and Denotational Semantics in Multiplicative-Additive Linear Logic
We study the notion of logical relation in the coherence space semantics of multiplicative-additive linear logic MALL. Expand
Sequentiality and strong stability
We show that Kahn-Plotkin sequentiality can be expressed by a preservation property similar to stability and that this kind of generalized stability can be extended to higher order. Expand
Non-idempotent intersection types for the Lambda-Calculus
This article explores the use of non-idempotent intersection types in the framework of the λ-calculus. Expand
Full Abstraction for Resource Calculus with Tests
We study the semantics of a resource sensitive extension of the lambda-calculus in a canonical reflexive object of a category of sets and relations, a relational version of the original Scott D infinity model of the pure lambda-Calculus. Expand