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Decapod Crustacea : PONTONIINAE
The pontoniine shrimps collected during the MUSORSTOM Expedition, 1976, in the Philippines waters include nine species belonging to three genera. Three species are described as nelv; the six othersExpand
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A report on a small collection of shrimps from the Kenya National Marine Parks at Malindi, with notes on selected species
The marine caridean fauna of East Africa has been little studied. Prior to World War 1, German authors produced a number of general studies but the emphasis of these papers was on crabs. Most of theExpand
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A report on some pontoniinid shrimps collected from the Seychelle Islands by the F.R.V. Manihine, 1972, with a review of the Seychelles pontoniinid shrimp fauna
A collection of pontoniinid shrimps, principally from the Islands of Mahe and Praslin, in the western Indian Ocean, is described. Twenty-four species were collected, including two new species,Expand
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Pontoniine shrimps from Papua New Guinea, with designation of two new genera, Cainonia and Colemonia (Crustacea: Decapoda: Palaemonidae)
NOTE Papers published in this volume and in all previous volumes of the Memoirs of the Queensland Museum may be reproduced for scientific research, individual study or other educational purposes.Expand
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Pontoniine shrimps from the 2003 NORFANZ Expedition, 10 May–16 June (Crustacea: Decapoda: Palaemonidae)
A report is presented on a small collection of pontoniine shrimps, from the Tasman Sea, by the 2003 NORFANZ Expedition. The report includes information on 5 taxa, including two species new toExpand
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