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Identities and Identity Work in Organizations
Identities, people's subjectively construed understandings of who they were, are and desire to become, are implicated in, and thus key to understanding and explaining, almost everything that happensExpand
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A Narrative Approach to Collective Identities
From a narrative perspective, organizations' identities are discursive (linguistic) constructs constituted by the multiple identity-relevant narratives that their participants author about them, andExpand
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Narratives of Organizational Identity and Identification: A Case Study of Hegemony and Resistance
This paper focuses on issues of identity and identification in a UK-based institution of higher education (Westville' Institute). It is suggested that identity, both individual and collective, andExpand
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Narcissism, Identity, And Legitimacy
The theory of narcissism can be employed usefully to analyze the dynamics of group and organizational behavior. Just as individuals seek to regulate their self-esteem through such ego-defenseExpand
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Overview of the SpiNNaker System Architecture
This paper describes the architecture of the machine and outlines the underlying design philosophy; software and applications are to be described in detail elsewhere, and only introduced in passing here as necessary to illuminate the description. Expand
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Narrative, Politics and Legitimacy in an IT Implimentation
This paper offers an interpretation of an information technology (IT) implementation through an analysis of group narratives. A focus on narrative is valuable because it facilitates recognition ofExpand
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Organizational Identity and Learning: A Psychodynamic Perspective
Organizations are prone to ego defenses, such as denial, rationalization, idealization, fantasy, and symbolization, that maintain collective self-esteem and the continuity of existing identity. TheseExpand
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Making Sense of Inquiry Sensemaking
This paper presents a discourse analysis of a report of a tribunal of inquiry in order to further our understanding of inquiry team sensemaking. The subject of the paper is the report of the AllittExpand
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A Narratological Approach to Understanding Processes of Organizing in a UK Hospital
This article outlines a narratological approach to understanding how middle managers and senior managers in a UK National Health Service (NHS) hospital made sense of the introduction of a series ofExpand
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Narrative, Organizations and Research
Given the rapid expansion of narrative approaches in management and organization theory in recent years, this paper investigates the contribution of this literature to the understanding ofExpand
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