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Isolation and Characterization of Three Mammalian Orthoreoviruses from European Bats
The isolation of three novel mammalian orthoreoviruses from European bats provide a rare chance of gaining insight into possible transmission events and of tracing the evolution of bat viruses. Expand
A metagenomic survey identifies Tamdy orthonairovirus as well as divergent phlebo-, rhabdo-, chu- and flavi-like viruses in Anatolia, Turkey.
The findings suggest the circulation of diverse arthropod and tick-associated viruses in Anatolia, and the initial detection of Tamdy orthonairovirus, an established human pathogen, should be included in the diagnostic workup of infections with unknown etiology. Expand
Protocol for Metagenomic Virus Detection in Clinical Specimens1
This protocol can rapidly and reliably detect viruses during disease outbreaks and for detection studies.
Generic amplification and next generation sequencing reveal Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus AP92-like strain and distinct tick phleboviruses in Anatolia, Turkey
Widespread circulation of various tick-associated phlebovirus clades were documented for the first time in Anatolia and provided the most detailed genomic characterization of the Antigone and KarMa viruses to date. Expand
Development and preliminary evaluation of a multiplexed amplification and next generation sequencing method for viral hemorrhagic fever diagnostics
Virus enrichment via targeted amplification followed by NGS is an applicable strategy for the diagnosis of VHFs which can be adapted for high-throughput or nanopore sequencing platforms and employed for surveillance or outbreak monitoring. Expand
Arboviral screening of invasive Aedes species in northeastern Turkey: West Nile virus circulation and detection of insect-only viruses
Invasive Aedes mosquitoes are established in certain locations of northeastern Turkey and the role of these species in WNV circulation in the region is conclusively shown. Expand
Survey and Characterization of Jingmen Tick Virus Variants
Phylogenetic analysis supported two separate clades, independent of host or location, suggesting ubiquitous distribution in ticks, and identified probable recombination events in the JMTV genome, involving closely-related strains from Anatolia or China. Expand
Effects of Regular Kefir Consumption on Gut Microbiota in Patients with Metabolic Syndrome: A Parallel-Group, Randomized, Controlled Study
Kefir supplementation had favorable effects on some of the metabolic syndrome parameters, however, further investigation is needed to understand its effect on gut microbiota composition. Expand
Novel Paramyxoviruses in Free-Ranging European Bats
The detection and characterization of the first paramyxoviruses in free-ranging European bats are described and a possible virus–host co-evolution in European bats is emphasized, indicating the presence of bat-born paramyxomirus in geographic areas free of fruit bat species. Expand
Viral Metagenomics on Blood-Feeding Arthropods as a Tool for Human Disease Surveillance
The literature on vector-enabled metagenomics (VEM) techniques and its application in disease surveillance in humans is summarized and the combination of VEM and “invertebrate-derived DNA” (iDNA) analysis to identify the host DNA within the mosquito midgut is highlighted. Expand