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Red book of freshwater fish of Croatia
Crvena knjiga slatkovodnih riba Hrvatske sadrži popis ugroženih slatkovodnih vrsta riba Republike Hrvatske sa kartama rasprostranjenosti pojedinih vrsta te razloge njihove ugroženosti.
Taxon specific response of carabids (Coleoptera, Carabidae) and other soil invertebrate taxa on invasive plant Amorpha fruticosa in wetlands
Analysis of the impact of an A. fruticosa invasion on carabid beetles and other soil invertebrates suggests that severe future changes can be expected in invertebrate groups that are closely related to plant composition, since A.fruticosa cannot be completely removed from the habitat and covers relatively large areas. Expand
Extreme land-cover and biodiversity change as an outcome of land abandonment on a Mediterranean island (eastern Adriatic)
Abstract Understanding land abandonment and the resulting changes in land cover provides data for suitable reaction to habitat and species losses this process brings. This study aimed to defineExpand
Adriatic coastal plant taxa and communities of Croatia and their threat status
In this paper, for the first time, are 129 taxa of vascular flora typical of the coastal belt of Croatia, assigned to conservation status, endemic status, affinity to habitat type, plant community preference and site frequency. Expand
Old forest edges may promote the distribution of forest species in carabid assemblages (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in Croatian forests
Boundaries between habitats are usually accompanied by transitions in the diversity and structural complexity of insect as- semblages. Edge effects on carabid beetle assemblages across forest-meadowExpand
Terrestrial isopod community as indicator of succession in a peat bog
Most of collected isopod species are widespread eurytopic species that usually inhabit various habitats and therefore indicate negative successive changes or degradation processes in the peat bog. Expand
Ecology, biology and conservation of Pterostichus rhaeticus Heer, 1837 (Coleoptera: Carabidae) at the edge of its distribution range, in the Western Balkans
Pterostichus rhaeticus is a tyrphophilous species that was exclusively found at three peatlands in Croatia and can be considered an indicator species of peatland habitats in Croatia. Expand
Water mite (Acari: Hydrachnidia) diversity and distribution in undisturbed Dinaric karst springs
Water mite abundances had a summer peak in the Mediterranean region, whereas two smaller peaks were observed in the spring and fall in the alpine region, suggesting regional differences in the seasonality of water mite abundance were most likely patterned by the emergence of insect crenofauna. Expand
Microhabitat selection and distribution of functional feeding groups of mayfly larvae (Ephemeroptera) in lotic karst habitats
Research examining mayfly ecology in karst streams and rivers has increased in recent years, though microhabitat preferences remain poorly characterized. We examined mayfly assemblage taxonomy,Expand
Spatial distribution of insect indicator taxa as a basis for peat bog conservation planning
It is found that tyrphobiontic—bog specialist—species were absent in both taxonomic groups, which is likely due to biogeographical limitation for dispersal of these species into this region. Expand