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Experimental identification of a multi-span masonry bridge: The Tanaro Bridge
Abstract The Tanaro Bridge, an 18 span masonry bridge built in 1866, has been investigated both in service conditions and at different stages of its demolition. A comparative characterization of theExpand
Masonry Arches: Historical Rules and Modern Mechanics
Ancient structures have been designed according to semi-empirical rules based on few simplified mechanical principles; nevertheless, their structural performance is rather good in the majority ofExpand
Eccentrically loaded brickwork: Theoretical and experimental results
The assessment procedures for masonry arches and columns usually assume homogeneous constitutive models for which strength and stiffness parameters are described in terms of a uni-axial constitutiveExpand
Mechanical response of solid clay brickwork under eccentric loading. Part I: Unreinforced masonry
The compressive strength of eccentrically loaded masonry, affecting the strength of arches, vaults, pillars and out-of-plane loaded masonry panels, is addressed in this paper both from theExpand
Compressive strength of solid clay brick mansory under eccentric loading
Arches, vaults and pillars generally experience eccentric normal force. As a consequence, the classical theories of masonry collapse, developed for concentrically compressed brickwork, are notExpand
Calibration and Reliability of the Rebound (Schmidt) Hammer Test
One of the most widely spread techniques to estimate the compressive strength of concrete is the rebound hammer test, also known as Schmidt Hammer test. In spite of a large number of scientific worksExpand
Micromodelling of eccentrically loaded brickwork:study of masonry wallettes
Arches, vaults and pillars are subjected to significant eccentric loading; for this reason, their assessment needs the effect of strong stress gradients to be taken into account. Based on a series ofExpand
Compressive strength of solid clay brick masonry: calibration of experimental tests and theoretical issues
The assessment procedures for masonry structures ask for (at least) the compressive strength of the material to be defined. Several theoretical approaches, based on the characteristics of bricks andExpand
Interaction of a main crack with ordered distributions of microcracks: a numerical technique by displacement discontinuity boundary elements
A boundary element technique, based on a pure displacement discontinuity formulation, is presented to solve general problems of interaction between cracks. The procedure allows detailed informationExpand
History-Based Assessment of the Dome of the Basilica of S. Maria of Carignano in Genoa
This article discusses the assessment of the dome of the Basilica of S. Maria of Carignano in Genoa, designed by Galeazzo Alessi in the 16th century. The access to the private archive of the SauliExpand