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Encrusting Sabellariidae (Annelida: Polychaeta) in rhodolith beds, with description of a new species of Sabellaria from the Brazilian coast
This study analyses Sabellariidae collected in rhodolith beds along the subtidal zone of the coast of João Pessoa and Cabedelo, Paraíba, north-eastern Brazil, finding four species reported for the first time for the north-east coast of Brazil. Expand
The invasive worm Hydroides elegans (Polychaeta – Serpulidae) in southeastern Brazil and its potential to dominate hard substrata
ABSTRACT The serpulid Hydroides elegans is recognized as an invasive species in many harbour areas of the world, growing mainly on man-made structures such as pier pilings, where native diversity isExpand
Spatial distribution of Polychaeta in a soft-bottom community at Saco do Céu, Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Community composition did not vary between the two periods of the year sampled (suimmer and winter), thus suggests that the spatial distribution of polychaetes at Saco do Ceu may be determined by grain-size characteristics and by organic matter conntent. Expand
Macrobenthic Communities Near Submerged Macroalgal Bed in an Upwelling Region of the Southeastern Brazilian Coast
The influence of submerged macroalgae bed on sediment community structure and composition were examined by one year sampling from two distances from the bed in Cabo Frio Island SE, Brazil. TheExpand
Morphometric study of Phragmatopoma caudata (Polychaeta: Sabellida: Sabellariidae)
Although populations presented different morphometric relationships, the length of the first thoracic chaetiger was one of the variables with highest correlation with total length, suggesting that this structure is a good length descriptor in P. caudata. Expand
Filo Annelida classe Polychaeta
Sabellaria and Lygdamis (Polychaeta: Sabellariidae) from reefs off northeastern Brazil including a new species of Sabellaria.
An aggregate of sabellariids composed of Sabellaria nanella and Sabllaria wilsoni is described for the first time, and Lygdamis rayrobertsi is reported for thefirst time in the South Atlantic. Expand
First record of Glycerella magellanica (Polychaeta: Glyceridae) for the South Atlantic and in association with Solenosmilia variabilis (Anthozoa: Caryophyllidae)
Some morphological differences were found related to the appearance of the compound chaetae and aileron of Glycerella magellanica, which may indicate either that in the original description these features were overlooked, or rather a case of intra-specific variation. Expand
Two new species and a new record of Scale-worms (Polychaeta) from Southwest Atlantic deep-sea coral mounds .
Three new species of scale-worms are found among the species of corals Lophelia pertusa, Solenosmilia variabilis, Enallopsammia rostrata, Madrepora oculata and Errina sp. Expand