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Intrinsic iron spread and a new metallicity scale for globular clusters
We have collected spectra of about 2000 red giant branch (RGB) stars in 19 Galactic globular clusters (GC) using FLAMES@VLT (about 100 stars with GIRAFFE and about 10 with UVES, respectively, in eachExpand
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Na-O anticorrelation and HB. VII. The chemical composition of first and second-generation stars in 1
We present abundances of Fe, Na, and O for 1409 red giant stars in 15 galactic globular clusters (GCs), derived from the homogeneous analysis of high-resolution FLAMES/GIRAFFE spectra. Combining theExpand
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Na-O anticorrelation and HB. VIII. Proton-capture elements and metallicities in 17 globular clusters
We present homogeneous abundance determinations for iron and some of the elements involved in the proton-capture reactions (O, Na, Mg, Al, and Si) for 202 red giants in 17 Galactic globular clustersExpand
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Distances and ages of NGC 6397, NGC 6752 and 47 Tuc
New improved distances and absolute ages for the Galactic globular clusters NGC 6397, NGC 6752, and 47 Tuc are obtained using the Main Sequence Fitting Method. We derived accurate estimates ofExpand
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Gaia Data Release 2. Catalogue validation
Context. The second Gaia data release (DR2) contains very precise astrometric and photometric properties for more than one billion sources, astrophysical parameters for dozens of millions, radialExpand
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Distance to the Large Magellanic Cloud: The RR Lyrae Stars*
New photometry and spectroscopy for more than a hundred RR Lyrae stars in two fields located close to the bar of the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) are used to derive new accurate estimates of theExpand
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Properties of stellar generations in globular clusters and relations with global parameters
We revise the scenario of the formation of Galactic globular clusters (GCs) by adding the observed detailed chemical composition of their different stellar generations to the set of their globalExpand
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Detailed abundances of a large sample of giant stars in M 54 and in the Sagittarius nucleus
Homogeneous abundances of light elements, α-elements, and Fe-group elements from high-resolution FLAMES spectra are presented for 76 red giant stars in NGC 6715 (M 54), a massive globular clusterExpand
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A Gaia DR2 view of the Open Cluster population in the Milky Way
Open clusters are convenient probes of the structure and history of the Galactic disk. They are also fundamental to stellar evolution studies. The second Gaia data release contains precise astrometryExpand
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Metal abundances of RR Lyrae stars in the bar of the Large Magellanic Cloud
Metallicities ((Fe/H)) from low resolution spectroscopy obtained with the Very Large Telescope (VLT) are presented for 98 RR Lyrae and 3 short period Cepheids in the bar of the Large MagellanicExpand
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