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Book of the City of Ladies
for my sistersIt is a seduction in which I do not know where the other is, and in which I therefore do not know what it would take to please her, and in which I therefore take the risk that myExpand
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The Uses of the Future in Early Modern Europe
List of Figures Foreword: The History of the Future, 1350-2000, Peter Burke Introduction, Andrea Brady and Emily Butterworth 1. In Pursuit of the Millennia: Robert Crowley's Changing Concept ofExpand
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Dying with Honour: Literary Propaganda and the Second English Civil War
This article discusses contemporary responses to the executions under martial law of Sir Charles Lucas and Sir George Lisle in 1648, following General Thomas Fairfax's siege of Colchester. ItExpand
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‘A share of sorrows’: Death in the Early Modern English Household
A death in the household temporarily set a family apart. If they could afford it, early modern families adopted mourning dress, hung escutcheons on the house and swathed rooms with black baize. TheExpand
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The Pledge of Allegiance
2) ‘Citizen Communication” Public comment can he provided on any item on the agenda or on issues affecting the City not on the agcnda. Public comments should generally be limited to 3-5 minutes.Expand
The subject of sacrifice in John Wilkinson's Down to Earth
This article discusses John Wilkinson's volume Down to Earth (2008), and in particular the use of the trope of sacrifice in that book's examination of the violence inherent in capitalism. Making aExpand
Shadowy Figures in Quill, Solitary Apparition
In Forces of the Imagination, Barbara Guest writes that "In the not too far off future the curtain will be drawn on Modernism as it enters history. Already the shades are listing as Modernism beginsExpand
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