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Optical and visual impact of tear break-up in human eyes.
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to examine the optical and visual impact of tear break-up. METHODS Optical quality of the eye was assessed during periods of nonblinking by quantifying vesselExpand
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Contrast sensitivity in anisometropic amblyopia.
Contrast sensitivity functions were measured for sinusoidal gratings from a sample of 10 anisometropic amblyopes. A high spatial frequency deficit was found from tests of the amblyopic eyes of allExpand
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Nonoptical determinants of aniseikonia.
Interocular differences in apparent size (aniseikonia) are typically associated with interocular differences in refractive error (anisometropia). Aniseikonia is generally thought to reflectExpand
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Monocularly deprived humans: nondeprived eye has supernormal vernier acuity.
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Isolation of stimulus characteristics contributing to Weber's law for position
To examine the independent contribution of various stimulus characteristics to positional judgements, we measured vernier alignment performance for three types of Gabor stimuli. In one, only theExpand
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Retinal fixation point location in the foveal avascular zone.
The site of normal fixation is often assumed to be centered in the foveal avascular zone (FAZ). This assumed anatomic relationship is used during photocoagulation therapy as an objective guide toExpand
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Entoptic evaluation of diabetic retinopathy.
PURPOSE Studies using optimized entoptic viewing of the parafoveal retinal vasculature have shown that normal subjects see their own capillaries with greater detail in the fovea than seen typicallyExpand
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Temporal sensitivity in amblyopia: An explanation of conflicting reports
Although the spatial characteristics of contrast sensitivity in amblyopia are well established, it is still not clear how temporal vision is affected. A wide range of spatial stimuli have been usedExpand
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Without negative theology : Deconstruction and the politics of negative theology
This article explores Derrida's reading of negative theology and, in particular, his dramatic claim that there would be no politics ‘without’ negative theology. It begins by summarising the generalExpand
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On the Relation Between Aniseikonia and Axial Anisometropia
ABSTRACT A dichoptic, size‐matching technique was used to evaluate aniseikonia in a sample of axial anisometropes. During testing, the subjects were optically corrected to minimize differences inExpand
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