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Optical Signatures of Coupled Quantum Dots
Coulomb interactions shift the molecular resonance of the optically excited state (charged exciton) with respect to the ground state (single charge), enabling light-induced coupling of the quantum dots. Expand
Fast spin state initialization in a singly charged InAs-GaAs quantum dot by optical cooling.
This work demonstrates fast spin state initialization with near unity efficiency in a singly charged quantum dot by optically cooling an electron spin by exploiting the spontaneous decay rate of the excited state. Expand
Optically controlled locking of the nuclear field via coherent dark-state spectroscopy
The suppression of nuclear field fluctuations in a singly charged quantum dot to well below the thermal value is reported, as shown by an enhancement of the single electron spin dephasing time T2*, which is measured using coherent dark-state spectroscopy. Expand
Optical pumping of the electronic and nuclear spin of single charge-tunable quantum dots.
The Overhauser effect in a high longitudinal magnetic field is used to demonstrate efficient optical pumping of nuclear spins for all three charge states of the quantum dot. Expand
Ultrafast optical control of entanglement between two quantum-dot spins
Optical control over electron spins embedded in semiconductor structures is an efficient way of manipulating quantum information. But a fully fledged quantum information processor will requireExpand
Fast spin rotations by optically controlled geometric phases in a charge-tunable InAs quantum dot.
We demonstrate optical control of the geometric phase acquired by one of the spin states of an electron confined in a charge-tunable InAs quantum dot via cyclic 2pi excitations of an opticalExpand
Optically mapping the electronic structure of coupled quantum dots
Arrays of quantum dots can be useful for building ‘artificial molecules’, and potentially as elements of quantum information networks. But in practice, no two dots are the same. An optical techniqueExpand
Surface Reconstruction Phase Diagrams for InAs, AlSb, and GaSb
Abstract : We present experimental flux-temperature phase diagrams for surface reconstruction transitions on the 6.1As compound semiconductors. The phase transitions occur within or near typicalExpand
Photoluminescence spectroscopy of the molecular biexciton in vertically stacked InAs-GaAs quantum dot pairs.
Photoluminescence studies of the molecular neutral biexciton-exciton spectra of individual vertically stacked InAs/GaAs quantum dot pairs are presented and either the hole or the electron levels of the two dots are tuned into tunneling resonances. Expand
Coherent Optical Spectroscopy of a Strongly Driven Quantum Dot
It is shown that, like single-atom or single-molecule two- and three-level quantum systems, single semiconductor quantum dots can also exhibit interference phenomena when driven simultaneously by two optical fields. Expand