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Some Magnetic Properties of Magnetite (Fe3O4) Microcrystals
Single‐domain particles of Fe3O4 have been observed to exhibit superparamagnetic behavior with the Mossbauer effect. Using a simple theory for the spin relaxation, it was possible to make anExpand
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The m?ssbauer effect
The recoilless emission and resonant absorption of low energy ?-rays by solids (M?ssbauer effect) are reviewed, with particular reference to the present and future applications to solid state andExpand
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The spin of the 2.9 MeV state of Be8
Abstract The spin of the 2.9 MeV state of Be 8 has been determined by an angular correlation measurement between the direction of emission of the 14.8 MeV γ-rays and the corresponding α-particlesExpand
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Mossbauer spectra of bicarbonate-free ferric-transferrin complex.
The bicarbonate-free ferric-transferrin complex was investigated by Mossbauer Spectroscopy under anaerobic conditions. No evidence of specific binding was found. The spectral results indicates thatExpand
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Mössbauer spectroscopy of iron in human and rabbit transferrin.
Abstract Mossbauer spectra of 57 Fe in human and rabbit transferrin were observed in various magnetic fields at several temperatures. The experimental spectra in an applied field were interpreted inExpand
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Further Mössbauer study of iron in human transferrin
Mossbauer spectra of human serium transferrin have been observed in high magnetic field at 4.2 K and at temperatures as low as 175 mK. These spectra were fitted to the calculated spectra based on aExpand
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Energy Resolution of ?-Radiation up to 18 MeV by Sodium Iodide Scintillation Counters
The pulse-height distributions to be expected from scintillation counters using thallium-activated sodium iodide crystals have been investigated for ?-radiation of energies 6, 12, and 18 MeV. withExpand
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The Response of a Sodium Iodide Scintillation Counter to 18 MeV g-Radiation
The probability distribution of ionization energy in a sodium iodide crystal 2·5 cm long by2·5 cm diameter due to the absorption of 18 MeV quanta has been calculated taking account of side escape ofExpand
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The Mössbauer Effect in Tin from 120°K to the Melting Point
Measurements have been made of the intensity of the recoilless resonance absorption of the 24 kev γ-ray from the decay of 119Snm in metallic tin from 120°K to the melting point. Values of theExpand
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The Nuclear Zeeman Effect, and Quadrupole Splitting in 119Sn
The recoilless absorption of 24 keV γ-rays from 119Snm has been studied with the aid of a velocity spectrometer. Observations with the absorbing nuclei in different environments have enabled a valueExpand
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