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Direct emission of nitrous oxide from agricultural soils
  • A. Bouwman
  • Chemistry
  • Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems
  • 6 December 1996
This analysis is based on published measurements of nitrous oxide (N2O) emission from fertilized and unfertilized fields. Data was selected in order to evaluate the importance of factors thatExpand
Denitrification across landscapes and waterscapes: a synthesis.
It is suggested that terrestrial, freshwater, and marine systems in which denitrification occurs can be organized along a continuum ranging from (1) those in which nitrification and Denitrification are tightly coupled in space and time to (2) thoseIn aquatic ecosystems, N inputs influenceDenitrification rates whereas hydrology and geomorphology influence the proportion of N inputs that are denitrified. Expand
A global high-resolution emission inventory for ammonia
A global emissions inventory for ammonia (NH3) has been compiled for the main known sources on a 1° × 1° grid, suitable for input to global atmospheric models. The estimated global emission for 1990Expand
Emissions of N2O and NO from fertilized fields: Summary of available measurement data
[1] Information from 846 N2O emission measurements in agricultural fields and 99 measurements for NO emissions was summarized to assess the influence of various factors regulating emissions fromExpand
Modeling global annual N2O and NO emissions from fertilized fields
[1] Information from 846 N2O emission measurements in agricultural fields and 99 measurements for NO emissions was used to describe the influence of various factors regulating emissions from mineralExpand
The global nitrogen cycle in the twenty-first century
  • D. Fowler, M. Coyle, +15 authors M. Voss
  • Environmental Science, Medicine
  • Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B…
  • 5 July 2013
In the ocean, the lifetime of Nr is less well known but seems to be longer than in terrestrial ecosystems and may represent an important long-term source of N2O that will respond very slowly to control measures on the sources of NR from which it is produced. Expand
Sources and delivery of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus to the coastal zone : An overview of global nutrient export from watersheds (NEWS) models and their application
[1] An overview of the first spatially explicit, multielement (N, P, and C), multiform (dissolved inorganic: DIN, DIP; dissolved organic: DOC, DON, DOP; and particulate: POC, PN, PP) predictive modelExpand
Human alteration of the global nitrogen and phosphorus soil balances for the period 1970–2050
[1] The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment scenarios for 2000 to 2050 describe contrasting future developments in agricultural land use under changing climate. Differences are related to the total cropExpand
Global Nutrient Export from WaterSheds 2 (NEWS 2): Model development and implementation
Global NEWS is a global, spatially explicit, multi-element and multi-form model of nutrient exports by rivers. Here we present NEWS 2, the new version of Global NEWS developed as part of a MillenniumExpand